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Two Big Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Will Be an Important Strategy for Institutional Investors in 2022: Inflation and Taxes

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Two Big Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Will Be an Important Strategy for Pension Funds in 2022: Inflation and Taxes

Institutional investors’ portfolio allocations to real estate have been rising steadily in recent decades, with pension funds and insurance companies leading the pack.

With four different types of return, including cash flow, appreciation, increasing equity (debt paydown), and depreciation, it’s easy to see why institutional investors choose to invest in real estate.

However, current market forces may be increasing the imperativeness of this trend.

This complimentary guide shares research on current market forces and real estate’s historical performance, including: 

    • Current Inflationary Pressures
    • Advantages of Real Estate Investment in an Inflationary Market
    • New Market Segments Emerging with Promise
    • The Tax Benefits of Real Estate

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