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Welcome to Central Austin's Premier Apartment Living

Recently renovated, our one bedroom/one bathroom units have quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, wood-style flooring, and beautiful ceramic tile finish out. Smart upgrades include keyless access and automatic controls for thermostats, locks, water sensors, and lighting.  Don't miss out.  Apply today!

See why so many people are making Sunset Palms their new home.

Love thrift shopping? Enjoy life in the heart of Austin's vintage scene with more than a dozon popular shops located less than 10 minutes away.





  • Austin Pets Alive! Thrift
  • Savers
  • Top Drawer Thrift
  • The Next to New Shop
  • It’s New to Me
  • Still In Style
  • Top Drawer Crestview
  • Room Service Vintage
  • Blue Velvet
  • Big Bertha’s Paradise
  • Revival Vintage
  • Rave On Vintage
  • New Bohemia

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